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Last update: 8 March 2022

A long time ago, I reached the point where, every time that I want to buy something new, I had to sell something to make the space for it. Now that I've joined The Floyd Effect I've converted my storeroom to a rehearsal studio. Consequently, I'm having another clearout of the keyboards and other items that I've collected over the past 30 years of more. Further details and high-res photos are available upon request.

e: More info please

Photos available on request.

Alesis QuadraVerb Alesis MidiVerb II for sale £100 Classic multi-effects unit In excellent condition. Works perfectly. Comes with US (110V) psu.
Clavia Nord C1 organ Clavia Nord C1 organ for sale £1,000 Great condition and comes in a gig bag worth £200.
Korg CX3 organ Korg CX3 digital organ for sale £650 Amazing digital tonewheel organ. Comes with gig bag worth £100.
Kurzweil K1000GX, K1000SX and K1000HX Kurzweil K1000GX K1000SX K1000HX for sale £125
Legendary guitar, strings and horn expanders in mint condition.
Roland ROM cards Roland U110 ROM cards £20
Four ROM cards for the U110, U220, U20 and related keyboards.
  • SN-U110-01 Pipe Organ & Harpsichord
  • SN-U110-03 Ethnic
  • SN-U110-11 Sound Effects
  • SN-U110-12 Sax & Trombone
All in excellent condition and still in their plastic cases.

Roland SH-201 Roland SH-201 synthesiser £250 Great synth in excellent condition.

Yamaha W5 workstation Yahama W5 workstation £350 Very good condition, complete with rare Dance and Vintage expansion boards.

E&OE. Click here for further details: More info please