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Last update: 4 December 2017

A long time ago, I reached the point where, every time that I want to buy something new, I had to sell something to make the space for it. Now that I've joined The Floyd Effect I've converted my storeroom to a rehearsal studio. Consequently, I'm having another clearout of the keyboards and other items that I've collected over the past 30 years of more. Further details and high-res photos are available upon request.

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Pictures on this page are in most cases of the actual instruments and units for sale although, for convenience, one or two have been lifted from elsewhere.

Alesis QuadraVerb

Alesis MidiVerb II
£100 Classic multi-effects unit In excellent condition. Works perfectly. Comes with US (110V) psu.
Elka X605

Elka X605
Sold The little brother of the mighty X705 organ/strings, based on Elka's organs and Rhapsody string synths. Gorgeous.
Hohner K2 Stringvox

Hohner K2 Stringvox
Sold Another very rare beastie. Strings, piano and harpsichord, all freely mixable either side of the usual split point. Unmistakeably 1970s.
Kurzweil K1000GX, SX and HX

Kurzweil K1000GX
£125 Legendary guitar, strings and horn expanders in mint condition. Price for each: £125.
Logan Piano Strings Synthesiser

Logan Piano Strings Synthesiser
Sold Next to the Vocal Synth, the rarest of all Logan keyboards. Very odd controls - there's nothing else like it. Good condition, fully functional. Serious offers only, please.
Passport MIDI interface

Passport MIDI interface
£20 Mac MIDI interface for original serial and desktop busses. Beware... not USB. If you want to run MIDI from a Mac II, Quadra, Centris or similar vintage, this is the box you need. Mint condition, original box etc.
Selection of Roland ROM cards

Roland U110 ROM cards
£20 Four ROM cards for the U110, U220, U20 and related keyboards.
  • SN-U110-01 Pipe Organ & Harpsichord
  • SN-U110-03 Ethnic
  • SN-U110 -11 Sound Effects
  • SN-U110-12 Sax & Trombone
All in excellent condition and still in their plastic cases.

Note: Price is £20 per card, not for the set!
Roland W30

Roland W30 sampler
£225 Sampler/synthesiser in near mint condition with a small sample library included.
Yamaha MSS-1

Yahama MSS-1 Synchroniser
£90 Powerful and flexible SMTPE/MIDI synchroniser and timecode generator in almost mint condition, complete with original manual. Synchronises almost anything to anything.
Yamaha W5 workstation

Yahama W5 workstation
£350 Very good condition, complete with very rare Dance and Vintage expansion boards.

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